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Miss a class? Or do you just want to see Mr. Freccia's great PowerPoints again? They (along with other interesting things that pertain to this unit) are all listed below in chronological order by when we discussed them in class. Enjoy!

Unit VII Web Assignment - FDR's "Fear Itself" Speech (1933)

Read the speech: Fear itself.doc / Listen to the speech:

  1. Why did FDR choose to use war metaphors in his speech? Was he effective in “selling” this line of reasoning? Why or why not?
  2. At the beginning of the speech, FDR mentions eight “common difficulties” facing the United States - what are they? What was the purpose of him mentioning them?
  3. Who does FDR blame for the Great Depression? Is it a fair assessment or a politically motivated one? Explain.
  4. On the second page of the speech, FDR outlines a total of four ways he aims to bring an end to the Great Depression. They are…
  5. What is FDR’s feeling about the Constitution? Why do you say this?
  6. In the fourth paragraph from the bottom of the last page, what does it sound like FDR is proposing if Congress fails? Do you agree or disagree with his philosophy here? Explain.

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Unit VII Interactives (from MSNBC and the History Channel)