ap.jpgMr. Freccia's AP United States History Unit III Documents

Miss a class? Or do you just want to see Mr. Freccia's great PowerPoints again? They (along with other interesting things that pertain to this unit) are all listed below in chronological order by when we discussed them in class. Enjoy!

Unit III WebQuests

Unit III PowerPoint Presentations

(Chapter 12, Part I)
(Chapter 12, Part II)

Unit III Worksheets

"Napoleon's Invasion of North America" by Thomas Fleming from What If? 2

Unit III Infographics and Maps

Unit III Video Clips / Episodes

Web Readings

Unit III Suggested Books

  • Don't Know Much About History (1990) by Kenneth C. Davis (information from this unit can be found in Chapter #3: Growth of a Nation thru the question What was the Monroe Doctrine?)

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