ap.jpg Mr. Freccia's AP United States History Unit I Documents

Miss a class? Or do you just want to see Mr. Freccia's great PowerPoints again? They (along with other interesting things that pertain to this unit) are all listed below in chronological order by when we discussed them in class. Enjoy!

Summer Reading Project

Unit I Powerpoints

Unit I Worksheets

Unit I Web readings

  • Overview of Jamestown (from the 400th anniversary celebration) - Inventing America (Time, 4/26/07)
  • Reworking History (finding the real Jamestown) - Eureka! (Time, 4/26/07)
  • Historical Profile - Captain John Smith (Time, 4/26/07)

Unit I Suggested Books

  • Don't Know Much About History (1990) by Kenneth C. Davis (information from this unit can be found in Chapter #1: Brave New World)
  • 1421: The Year China Discovered America (2002) by Gavin Menzies (website / excerpt)
  • A Voyage Long and Strange: On the Trail of Vikings, Conquestadors, Lost Colonists, and Other Adventures in Early North America (2008) by Tony Horwitz (website / excerpt)
  • America's Hidden History: Untold Tales of The First Pilgrims, Fighting Women, and Forgotten Founders that Shapped a Nation (2008) by Kenneth C. Davis (website / excerpt)
  • How the States Got Their Shapes (2009) by Mark Stein (excerpt)

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