Survivor: Newark 2007

So, you want to be a Survivor? Here is a general run down of the rules and regulations of this activity. For a printable copy of the rules and a registration form for the competition, open the MS Word Document below.

Setting up your team

  • Each team will be made up by 10 individuals.
    • Students, Faculty members and Staff are all eligible to take part in this activity
    • Teams can be a mixture of all those groups mentioned above
    • The 10 people on your team is the "set" roster - no changes to a submitted roster will be allowed after April 20th
    • All team members should wear something in common during the competitions (same color shirt, bandanna, hats, etc.) for easy "grouping"
    • The team must complete a "team poster" on a regular size poster board
  • Each individual has one "event" in which they compete in.
    • Students, faculty members, and or staff members will register for the event they will compete in on the registration form
    • Students, faculty members, and/or staff members cannot switch events after April 20th (no backups are allowed)
    • No one student, faculty member, or staff member can be on more than one team
    • Should a member of a team attempt to participate in more than one event, the entire team will be disqualified
  • Rosters (and team registration fees) are due by Friday, April 20th.
    • The registration fee is $20.00 per team
    • Should someone have to withdrawal from the team at some point after April 20th, the team forfeits that person's roster spot in the competition (but will not get their money back)
  • The competition will be held in the West Gym from 3-8 pm on Friday, April 27th.
    • Students may leave and return to school grounds, so long as they return by the time of their event
    • Students not at their event at the starting time will forfeit their team's roster spot for that particular event
    • Upon completion of tasks or prior to their designated tasks students are welcome to sit in the West Gym.
    • Announcements of "finals" will be announced over the school intercom system and in the West Gym. Overall standings will be posted next to your team logo in the West Gym.
  • The winning team will be awarded...
    • All the registration fees for the activity ($20.00 x the number of teams participating)
    • Team members will share the title of "Newark Survivor Champions"
    • A banner, which will be hung in E-Hallway by E105, for all to see


For each event, teams will be scored on an ascending scale by order of finishing. Therefore the first place team in each event will be awarded with the highest point value while the last place team will be awarded with the lowest point value. The team with the highest point total after all events will be declared the winners. Should a disqualification occur, that team will recieve the lowest point value possible for that event.

Events for Newark: Survivor

Each team must have one (1) person registered to participate in each of these events. Teams cannot have people registered multiple times for different events OR have multiple people signed up for a single event. Here are the events, in no particular order...
  1. Scavenger Hunt: One person will be tasked with racing through the school campus trying complete a redesigned list of questions. The answers are not knowledge based questions about the school - more like random facts about the school. Pick an individual who is in good shape, is good at looking for answers and has a good geographical awareness of the school campus for this task. The person who finishes first with all questions correct will be the winner (and so on).
  2. Race-around-the-halls: One person will be tasked with completing ten laps around the first floor "square" (B-C-D-E hallways, starting and ending at the A-B intersection). The selected team member will only run once, although they will only run against a few competitors at a time to limit the amount of runners in the hall. Placement in the different heats doesn't count - only the clock. Pick the fastest individual on your team to compete this task (stamina is also important). The person who finishes with the fastest time will be the winner (and so on).
  3. Obstacle Course: One person will be tasked with racing thru a series of obstacles in the West Gym in order to solve a puzzle. Among some of the obstacles will include: making a basket from 3-point range, a "dizzy bat" lap across the gym floor, do 10 pull-ups, a "sack race" lap across the gym floor, do 10 push-ups, and complete a simple 50-piece puzzle. The first to complete all those tasks will be the winner (and so on, decided by time).
  4. Endurance Challenge: One person will be tasked to stay seated in a regular classroom desk for as long as possible. All participants must keep their feet firmly on the ground while also keeping their hands firmly on the desk. Any movement of a foot or hand off those surfaces will be deemed "out", so teams should pick their most focused individual (and less "antsy" regarding movement) for this task. This particular competition will take place in a classroom and all time pieces will be removed prior to the beginning of the activity. A pre-determined "tie" time will be determined in advance, but players will not be told. Decisions made by the judge are final and arguing a call will lead to a disqualification for this event.
  5. Competitive Eating: One person will be tasked to eat an entire large cheese pizza (eight slices). The person who finishes first will be declared the winner (and so on). Water will be provided for this task to help wash down the food.
  6. DDR Competition: One person will be tasked to participate in a DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) competition. The level for the competition will be set to "Heavy (Difficult)" and the mode will be "Game mode (Vs. Mode)". This competition is "tournament" style with head-to-head competition eventually leading to an ultimate winner. Ties will be determined by score. In the event of a tie in score between any two individuals (regardless of rank), a dance off will occur to determine the winner. The player should have experience with DDR, as instructions of "how to play" will not be given.
  7. Knowledge Bowl: One person will be tasked to take an hour long multiple choice test featuring questions from every major discipline taught at Newark H.S. Five questions from each discipline will be asked in the following fields of study: World History, Civics/Economics, American History, World Language (Spanish, German, French or Latin questions available depending on background), Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Health, Drivers Education, 20 questions from Math, and 20 questions from English. The individual scoring the highest will be declared the winner (and so on).
  8. Poker Match: One person will be tasked with playing a game of poker (Texas hold'em) against their competition (no money will change hands, as per district policy on gambling). The size of each group will be determined by the number of teams involved, with the winners from each group competing in the final round. Time of dismissal from a table will determine final ranking. Each person will be given 20 chips to wager with to start and each table will rotate the dealer amongst the players. The player should have experience with Texas hold'em, as instructions of "how to play" will not be given.
  9. Sudoku Challenge: One person will be tasked with solving a "hard" Sudoku puzzle. The first one to complete the puzzle correctly will be deemed the winner (and so on). The player should have experience with Sudoku, as instructions of "how to play" will not be given.
  10. H-O-R-S-E: One person will be tasked with playing a game of H-O-R-S-E with the other selected players. The person who lasts the longest wins the competition (and so on). If you are making the first shot and miss you will NOT be awarded a letter, but control will fall to the next person in line. The player should have experience with H-O-R-S-E, as instructions of "how to play" will not be given.

Event Locations and Times

March 24th (Tuesday)

  • Scavenger Hunt (School wide, results to the Main Office)
    • Judge for event: Mr. Freccia / Student Government monitors

March 25th (Wednesday)

  • Race-Around-the-Halls (B-E-D-C Hallways)
    • Judge for event: Mr. Freccia / Student Government monitors

March 26th (Thursday)

  • Poker Match (D-105)
  • Sudoku Solve (D-105)
    • Judge for event: Mr. Freccia / Student Government monitors

March 27th (Friday)

  • West Gym: Endurance Challenge begins
  • West Gym: Knowledge Bowl takes place
  • West Gym: Obstacle Course takes place
  • West Gym: Competitive Eating takes place
  • West Gym: DDR Competition takes place
  • West Gym: H-O-R-S-E Competition takes place

Registered Teams

Faculty Team

  • Scavenger Hunt: Ms. Millar
  • Race-Around-the-Halls: Ms. Albright
  • Obstacle Course: Mr. Hammond
  • Endurance Challenge: Mr. "T" Tomashek
  • Competitive Eating: Mr. Keogh
  • DDR Competition: Ms. Garber
  • Knowledge Bowl: Mr. McDowell
  • Poker: Mr. Howarth
  • Sudoku: Mrs. Lunsford
  • H-O-R-S-E: Mr. Benjamin

The Fabulous Freccia's

  • Scavenger Hunt: Laura Newhard
  • Race-Around-the-Halls: Glenn Watson
  • Obstacle Course: Kevin Schiff
  • Endurance Challenge: Justine Watson
  • Competitive Eating: Sean Belardo
  • DDR Competition: Jae Shim
  • Knowledge Bowl: Erik Andres
  • Poker: Mr. Bacon
  • Sudoku: Alexis Cutonilli
  • H-O-R-S-E: Mr. Lohman

The Flaming Caltuna's

  • Scavenger Hunt: Eric Sweder
  • Race-Around-the-Halls: Frank Hall
  • Obstacle Course: David Sisson
  • Endurance Challenge: Dustin Lackford
  • Competitive Eating: J.P. Aniska
  • DDR Competition: Zaina Akande
  • Knowledge Bowl: Tiffany Wen
  • Poker: Katie Smith
  • Sudoku: Megan Brancaccio
  • H-O-R-S-E: Eric Kremer

The Sophisticakes

  • Scavenger Hunt: Razaz Mageid
  • Race-around-the Halls: Jon Murray
  • Obstacle Course: Liz Jaconi
  • Endurance Challenge: Meala Cuddus
  • Competitive Eating: Brandon Gillespie
  • DDR Competition: Melissa Kitchen
  • Knowledge Bowl: Dylan Chapp
  • Sudoku Challenge: Sara Truitt
  • Poker Tournament: Zach Agnew
  • H-O-R-S-E: Aaron Weng

Team Horsepower

  • Scavenger Hunt: Kathleen Wisor
  • Race-around-the Halls: Josh DeRicco
  • Obstacle Course: Amanda Campbell
  • Endurance Challenge: Katie Kramer
  • Competitive Eating: Chris Roberts
  • DDR Competition:
  • Knowledge Bowl: Slavica Vorkapic
  • Poker Tournament: Andrew Willoughby
  • Sudoku Challenge: Mrs. Kook
  • H-O-R-S-E: John DeRicco