NHS Student Dodgeball Tournament 2007

2007 Tournament final results

  1. NHS Baseball (6-1)
  2. The Bangaz (4-3)
  3. NHS Soccer (4-2)
  4. Bellevue Boys (2-3)
  5. NHS Boys Cross Country (1-4)
  6. The League of Gentlemen (0-1)
  7. BYAH! (0-1)
  8. Lady Jays (1-1)
  9. Junior Hotties (0-2)

NHS Baseball defeated the Faculty Winners (the White Team), 2-1 during the Faculty Tournament

2007 Tournament Recap

Round 1

  • Game 1: NHS Soccer defeated Junior Hotties, 8-0
  • Game 2: NHS Boys Cross Country defeated Lady Jays, 8-0
  • Game 3: The Bangaz defeated The League of Gentlemen, 5-4
  • Game 4: NHS Baseball defeated BYAH!, 6-2 (featuring a half-court shot by R.J. Hull for Baseball)
  • Bellevue Boys recieved a first round bye based on random selection prior to tournament

Round 2

  • Game 5: NHS Baseball defeated Bellevue Boys
    • Highlight: Several line violations by Bellevue allow Baseball to cruise to their first victory.
  • Game 6: NHS Soccer defeated The Bangaz
    • Highlight: Two catches by Bangaz at the one minute mark sealed the win.
  • Game 7: NHS Baseball defeated NHS Boys Cross Country
    • Highlight: NHS Boys Cross Country had only one player on the court for over two minutes, displaying some very athletic dodges by John Harper in the process.
  • Game 8: Bellevue Boys defeated NHS Soccer
    • Highlight: R.J. Hull of the Bellevue Boys hit his second mid-court shot of the tournament at the 1:30 mark to change the match in their favor, after trailing for the first 3:30.
  • Game 9: Bangaz defeated NHS Boys Cross Country
    • Highlight: Cross Country trailed 7-1 and managed to rally to 5-3 before faultering in the final minute.
  • Game 10: NHS Baseball defeated NHS Soccer
    • Highlight: Four lead changes in the last 30 seconds led to a last second dramatic victory for Baseball. The last, game winning, out was a catch by Baseball with :07 left, leading to a 4-2 win.
  • Game 11: Bangaz defeated Bellevue Boys
    • Highlight: Controversial final call surrounding a double catch with the match at 3-1 with 1:30 to go leaves members of the Bellevue Boys heated. The ruling was that a Bangaz player made a catch of a Bellevue throw before the last remaining Bellevue player caught a Bangaz throw. Since the Bellevue player was already "out" when he made the catch the match was ruled over by the scoring table.
  • Game 12: NHS Soccer defeated NHS Boys Cross Country
    • Highlight: For the third match in a row, Boys Cross Country was down to only a single player (John Harper) before the halfway point and failed to rally.
  • Game 13: Bangaz defeated NHS Baseball
    • Highlight: After nearly forfeiting the match, the Bangaz dispatch Baseball with ease and proceed to celebrate in a manner that angers some members of the Baseball squad.
  • Game 14: Bellevue Boys defeated NHS Boys Cross Country
    • Highlight: A Bellevue player makes a very painful "out" when jumping to avoid a ball and doesn't time is jump well.

Round 3

  • Game 15: NHS Baseball defeated Bangaz, lead series 1-0
    • Highlight: Baseball leads the entire way, starting off strong with two takedowns on the opening throw.
  • Game 16: NHS Baseball defeated Bangaz, win series 2-0
    • Highlight: Down 4-2 late, Baseball pulls a double play to win the tournament (catching a ball and a put out).

Female supremacy match

  • Lady Jays defeated Junior Hotties
    • Highlight: Lady Jays easily dispatch the Junior Hotties 8-0 without losing a player.

Third place match

  • NHS Soccer defeated the Bellevue Boys

Game facts

  • Attendance: Capacity crowd for East Gym (around 500 people)
  • Referees: Dr. Caulk and Mr. Bacon
  • Umpires: Mr. Tomashek and Ms. Garber
  • Official scorer/announcer: Mr. Freccia
  • Tournament time: 100 minutes
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Background information

  • Since 2005, the Faculty at Newark High School have participated in an annual Dodgeball Tournament sponsored by Student Government. It was decided by the Student Government officers in the Fall of 2006 that a Student Tournament should also take place in order to foster more school spirit amongst the student body while also serving to build interest in the pre-existing Faculty one.

Registration information

  • Each team must have at least eight players, but have no more than ten on their roster.
  • Each team must submit the registration form for their team and pay the registration fee of $20.00 to Mr. Freccia no later than Friday, January 12th. If there are less than four teams participating, your team captain will be notified and the registration money will be refunded the following Monday.
  • Each team member must have had a recent sports physical within the last six months as well as signed permission to participate by a parent or guardian.
  • Students are allowed to play on more than one team, should they want to. However, should those two teams face off that student can not participate. Make sure that your alternates do not have the same conflict of interest or you could be a "man-down" in that particular match.

2007 Tournament Rules

  • Each team can only have eight players "active" for each match. They are also allowed two alternatives who will play in case of injury, conflict of interest with the opponent or in order to rest a teammate. With the exception of injury, teams cannot "sub-in" an alternate during a match.
  • Once a match starts, a team must play with the players on the court. Late arriving teammates, for example, will not be allowed to play once the game clock starts. In cases where one team outnumbers the other, the team that is outnumbered is playing a man down and is not given any special advantage.
  • An "out" is recorded when...
    • A player catches a ball thrown by an opponent that has not bounced
    • A player is hit by a ball thrown by an opponent
    • A player drops a ball thrown by an opponent that has not bounced
    • A player crosses the center court line
    • A player hits someone in the head (the player that threw the ball is ejected from the game)
  • An "out" is not recorded if...
    • The ball bounces off of a wall, ceiling, or bleacher
    • The ball bounces off another player, referee or audience member
    • The ball hits the basketball rim, net, or backboard
    • The ball hits someone in the head
  • Students may re-enter the game when...
    • A teammate catches a ball thrown by an opponent
    • A teammate makes a basket from half-court (if that occurs, all "out" members of a team may return to the game)
  • Any player who displays reckless, or unsportsmanlike, behavior as deemed by the referees will be removed for a period of time decided by the level of infraction (the game, the match, or the entire tournament). Examples of unsportsmanlike behavior include, but are not limited to...
    • Arguing with calls made by the referees
    • Aiming with the intention to hurt another student (going for their legs at close range, taking shorts at the head, etc.)
    • Taunting or fowl language directed at the opponent
  • The first round matches are five minutes long and all are single elimination. Second round matches are five minutes long and in a "round robin" format, meaning all remaining teams play each other once. The two teams with the most wins will then meet in a best-of-three championship round of five minute matches.
  • In all cases, the team with the most number of students on the court as time expires wins the game.
  • Should both teams have the same number of students on the court as time expires, the match will go to "sudden-death." This "sudden-death" period will consist of an extra minute of play.
  • At the end of the "round robin" round, if several teams are tied with the most wins the tiebreaker is head-to-head results.
  • The winning team wins all the registration money for the tournament AND will play the winning team from the Third Annual Faculty Dodgeball Tournament on Friday, January 26th.

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