Sadie Hawkins Dance

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Sadie Hawkins Day

  • Sadie Hawkins Day was a day-long event in Al Capp's comic strip Li'l Abner observed in the United States on the Saturday that follows November 9, named after Sadie Hawkins, "the homeliest gal in all them hills."
  • Each year on Sadie Hawkins Day, the unmarried women of Dogpatch pursued the single men. If a woman caught a man and dragged him back to the starting line by sundown, he had to marry her.
  • The actual comic strip from November 19, 1937 is found below:
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Sadie Hawkins Dance

  • In the United States, the Sadie Hawkins dance (also known as a snow ball, vice-versa, turnabout, or a Tolo) is a school dance, usually occurring in high schools, in which female students invite male students. This is in opposition of normal school dance traditions, such as prom, where male students invite female students.
  • Traditionally, the Sadie Hawkins dance occurs during the autumn in November, or in some places January or February. The Sadie Hawkins dance is one of three dances that many high schools hold, the other two dances being prom and homecoming.
  • Usually, female and male partners choose to wear the same or extremely similar clothes in order to match. At a Sadie Hawkins dance, couples are easily distinguishable because of their matching clothes.

Sadie Hawkins at NHS

  • The first Sadie Hawkins Dance was held in November 1969 and the last version of this dance took place in November 1980.
  • The Sadie Hawkins Dance actually predates the Homecoming Dance, which wasn't held on an annual basis until the 1980's.
  • The highlight of the dance was the "Homeliest Girl" contest, in which selected male members of the senior class dressed as girls. The presentation was similar to what occurs during Homecoming with the presentation of the Senior court and the announcing of the King and Queen.
  • The "Homeliest Girl" contest was incorporated into the Fall Pep Fest once the Dance was no longer held. Female members of the senior class were also invited to dress as guys in the Pep Fest and the "couple" were presented to the school.
  • Attempted revival in 2007 was canceled due to low tickets sales.

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