Faculty Dodgeball III photos

All photos were taken by Mrs. Mitchell for the 2006-2007 Krawen yearbook.

The Black Team waits to see if their team can turn it around in an early round match.

Dodgeball2.jpg Dodgeball5.jpg
The White Team waits for another match to end (left) and prepares to play (right).

Mr. Freccia prepares to fire a Dodgeball in the direction of the Yellow Team.

Mr. Mulrine prepares to unload on an unsuspecting victim.

Mr. Bacon looks for a target.

Dodgeball9.jpg Dodgeball10.jpg
Mrs. Lundsford (left) and Mr. Tomashek (right) trade shots during the the 3rd place match.

Watch out for Keogh!

Dodgeball12.jpg Dodgeball13.jpg
Mr. Jezyk on the offensive (left) while Mr. Lohman faces off against the Yellow team (right).

Dodgeball14.jpg Dodgeball15.jpg
Dr. Caulk (left) and Mr. Tomashek (right) help lead the White Team to victory in the Championship Match.