NSG.bmp Speech from the 2007 Graduation

fagan.bmp I would now like to call Mr. Brent Freccia to the stage.

With Mr. Freccia for the first class of the day, you don’t need a cup of coffee to wake you up. He has an attitude of unbridled enthusiasm that permeates throughout his classroom. Whether I have sought an empty desk on which to study or advice from an elder Mr. Freccia has always graciously welcomed me into his room.

As a reluctant sophomore in my very first AP class I was fortunate enough to have Mr. Freccia as my US Government and Politics teacher. His youthful energy made my time spent with him a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Yet, Mr. Freccia’s instruction has not stopped with the textbook’s end. He is an integral part of our school community, whose guidance of Newark’s student government has not only impacted me but the school community at large. His advice has inspired me to be bold, passionate, and committed to my endeavors, and his lively, energetic activism has encouraged the growth of our school’s unity and pride.

As a passionate reformer, Mr. Freccia has hosted the annual school dodge ball tournament, has created the first-ever Newark survivor challenge, and has personally constructed the Newark High School page on the Wikipedia online encyclopedia. Fostering a creative view on education, Freccia is the only teacher I know who blends the excitement of March Madness with the lessons of history.

Mr. Freccia is the epitome of activism for change and betterment. I admire him for his unselfish hard work towards the cultivation of our school’s collective identity. His actions have shown me that a passionate drive and an energetic, outgoing personality are the key ingredients to the recipe for improvement. Likewise, his enthusiasm for our school has taught me that only through an active drive towards advancement can one ultimately create change.

Mr. Freccia has left many impressions in the foundation of our school’s history, and his continuing efforts will ultimately leave behind a legacy in the wake of his contributions. I will take Mr. Freccia’s passionate, enthusiastic, and thoughtful outlook with me as I delve into the next phase of my life. But for now, I would like to thank you, Mr. Freccia, for being my teacher, my role model, and my friend throughout the past four years.

Thank you.

Sean Fagan
Valedictorian, Class of 2007