Archived classes

Archived Classes

Classes Formally Taught by Mr. Freccia

AP.bmpAP United States Go-Po (AP Audit Approved Course)

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Textbook: American Government: Institutions and Policies (9th Edition) - referred to as the "Wilson" (after the lead author) by Mr. Freccia

Cowboy.JPGAmerican History from 1860 (2007-2008)

Cowboy.JPGAmerican History from 1876 (2009-2014)

AP.bmp AP European History (2006-2007)

AP.bmp AP Government and Politics (2004-2006)

buzz_home.JPGNHS Student Government

ren.bmp World History (2004-2006)

  • World History course info
  • Documents and Assignments:
    • Prologue: The World Outside
    • Unit I: Renassiance and Reformation
    • Unit II: Exploration
    • Unit III: Absolute Monarchs
    • Unit IV: Enlightenment
    • Unit V: Revolutions!
    • Midterm Madness
    • Unit VI: Industrial Revolution and Nationalism
    • Unit VII: Imperialism
    • Unit VIII: World War I and Rise of Facism
    • Unit IX: World War II
    • Unit X: The Cold War and its Aftermath

cat.jpg CP Psychology (2006-2007)

DSTP Reading Seminar (2006-2007)

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