Andrew Jackson WebQuest

1. Go to the website in order to examine the electoral map of the 1824 Election. Please note that this was the first election in American History in which the popular vote was recorded.
  • Where did each of the four candidates generally draw their support from based on the map (NE, SE, W, S)?
  • Based on the electorial (and popular vote) who should have won the election?
  • Despite the clear mandate, why did the election go to the House of Representatives?
  • What was the "corrupt bargain" and how did it lead to a different result (and what did Clay get in return)?
  • Which states "flipped" from their popular/electorial results in the 1825 Contingent Election?

2. Like the current political climate, the country was extremely divided by the Election of 1824. The Democrat-Republicans split into two parties - The National Republican Party (later called the Whig Party) and the Democratic Party.
  • Which party supported Adams (and Clay)? Which party supported Jackson (and Van Buren)?
  • Which party supported the power of states (aka - sectionalism)? Which party supported a strong central government (aka - nationalists)?
  • Geographically, what area of the country supported the National-Republicans/Whigs? How about the Democrats?
  • Which party supported strict construction of the Constitution? Which party did not?
  • Which party supported patrionage? Which did not?
  • Which party supported Manifest Destiny? Which did not?
  • Which party courted the "mob" (the "common man")? Which party courted "moneyed interests" and "elites"?
  • Which party supported the idea of government intervention in the economy (the American System)? Which did not?
  • Which party supported Congress having power over the President? Which did not?

3. Now...some questions about pre-Presidential Andrew Jackson...
  • Why did he hate the British? Why did he dislike the "establishment"?
  • What caused Jackson to be dubed "Old Hickory" during the War of 1812? What two notable battles did he win in the closing days of the conflict that gave him a "national name"?
  • What happened with the Seminoles in 1817-18? Why was Jackson sent in and how did he "exceed his orders"? Who bailed him out?
  • Why was his marriage to Rachael Donelson Robards considered a scandal? How many duels did he fight over her honor? How many children did the Jackson's have? How many children were they guardians of? Why?
  • What was the name of Jackson's home? What did he grow there?

4. Now...some questions about Andrew Jackson as President...
  • What is the Spoils System? What are the pros and cons of the system?
  • Why was the "Tariff of Abominations" bad for the south?
  • What state was the focal point of the Nullification Crisis? What did the "nullies" state they could do? What backer did they have in Jackson's Administration? What was the Force Bill and what ended the crisis?
  • Who were the Five Civilized Tribes and why were they forced to leave the Southeast? How many were asked to move and what law "legalized it" (even though the Native Americans didn't agree to it)? Why is this called the Trail of Tears today and where were they relocated to?
  • What five reasons did Jackson and his followers dislike the National Bank and it's president, Nicholas Biddle? How did Jackson "kill" the bank in 1837 with the creation of "pet banks"? How did the economy react?
  • What was the Petticoat Affair and how did it decide who would replace Jackson?

5. The Republic of Texas