AP.bmp AP American Government and Politics Unit Guide (2010-2011)

Click on the Assignment Page link for each Unit to in order to access assignments, handouts, presentations, and websites that may prove useful to your study of American Government and Politics. The second bullet under each unit features fast access to all of the online quizzes, essays, and the review guides for that particular unit. Make sure you check those tabs out before and after your read a chapter!

Additional information that will help you in this course:

(updated at the beginning of each marking period)

First and Second Marking Period (1st Semester)

Unit I - Constitutional Underpinnings of United States Government

Unit II - Influences on Politics: Public Opinion, Interest Groups, and Mass Media

Unit III - Institutions of National Government: Political Parties and Elections

Unit IV - Political Identification: Beliefs and Behaviors

Third and Fourth Marking Period (2nd Semester)

Unit V - How the system works: Congress, Policy, and Social Welfare

Unit VI - The Executive Branch, the Bureaucracy, and the Supreme Court

Unit VII - The Federal Budget and the Judicial System

Unit VII - Exam Prep

Unit VIII - Economics Crash Course

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