AP.bmp AP United States History Audit Information

  • Reason: Aligning course to new the College Board developed curriculum
  • School Status: Submitted on Wednesday, June 11th (approved by NHS Assistant Principal Kristen DeGregory)
  • Transferred Approved Audit from NHS to Charter: July 21 (approved by NCS Assistant Principal Nick Russo)
  • Overall Status (College Board): Authorized by the College Board review process on July 19th

  • Reason: College Board required all courses to be approved (and searchable) for college admission purposes
  • School Status: Submitted on Tuesday, March 20th (approved by NHS Acting Principal Dave Jezyk)
  • District Status: Submitted by fax on Tuesday, March 20th (to Phil Keefer via Linda Raffaele) / re-sent on Tuesday, April 3rd (missing a signature)
  • Overall Status (AP): Authorized by the AP Board on Wednesday, April 11th

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